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At only $795, our ACT single line power dialers can dramatically increase your contact ratio and production with your ACT software. Auto dialers make it possible for you to "look up" records, update your notes and last results fields easily with our call disposition buttons on your automatic dialer system. All of our dialers have a number of different settings and features to make your business venture run more smoothly, and ultimately make strides toward higher profit margins.

Built into the ACT software (6.0 to 10.0) is your phone dialer this incredible and easy-to-use phone dialer software and hardware package will pay for itself the first day. This automatic dialer software has features, including:

Customize your own call disposition buttons on your automatic dialer to keep track of your call results and manage your records.
Auto dial through your group of lookup records in half  the time it would take to manually dial them with phone auto dialer options.
Log the result of your calls in your notes or both your notes and last result field.
The automatic dialer kit allows you to display total calls made and summary of different call dispositions.
Keeps a log of all of your phone calls, duration and results.

Hardware includes:
Our single line power dialer hardware unit
Telephone headset
Laptop and Desktop connectors

Six Months of toll free technical support included by full time Technical Support Staff. 
In business for 6 years, we have not just appeared on the internet. 

Contact us today to purchase, call 1-800-481-0654.

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